Year-Round Enjoyment: How to Use Your Pergola in Every Season

When it comes to outdoor activities and using outdoor structures, many people assume that these are only for warm-weather activities and applications. However, when it comes to creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, it’s important to not only remember that they’re useful all year-round, but that they can be a space you love to spend time in even when the weather isn’t perfect. Here are some ways to use your pergola from Colorado Pergola & Shade in every season!

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Whether you’re hosting a Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day celebration, you’re gathering the family for Easter, or you’re simply spending time enjoying the fresh air of spring, a pergola is a great way to provide shade, shelter, and a comfortable outdoor space outside in spring. With retractable sides, shades, or a louver on your pergola, you can block rain and wind from your space, too!

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Of course, summer is the perfect time to use your pergola! From sitting on your patio and enjoying the shade to hosting summertime parties, get togethers, or even dinners, your pergola will offer shade and shelter from the hot Colorado sun.

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Colorado autumns are a great time to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature! Whether it’s setting up an outdoor movie night with a projector or a candlelit dinner in the crisp air of fall, your pergola can be a great space to enjoy the outdoors with loved ones and family before the snow comes!

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Wintertime doesn’t mean that you no longer need to use your pergola! Adding a cover or choosing a pergola with louvers can help to create a snow-free area in your yard, which can be useful for those with dogs, especially. If you have children, watching them play in the snow from the comfort of a snow-free, covered space can also ensure an easier and more enjoyable wintertime for the whole family.

Pergolas are more than just a summertime-use installation! At Colorado Pergola & Shade, we’re proud to offer high-quality patio covers, pergolas, and more! Contact us today to get started with a quote for your project!